Trump Parade in Hoboken

 A Hispanics for Trump group is running a Trump Vehicle Parade through Hoboken. Minutes ago waves of cars with Hoboken Police Department escorts brought them into the Mile Square City and safely around town.

Several dozen vehicles in waves went down Washington Street to surprised residents as some greeted them with waves and others in cars honked in salute. Others appeared in shock.

Tomorrow is Election Day but most of the New Jersey Vote by Mail fraud wave is passed into the can.

There’s been little mortality across the Soprano State since late spring when the nine million state residents saw the Chinese Communist Party Virus take a toll mostly in senior centers the state destroyed sending in infected patients.

Most of those victims in the thousands were elderly with chronic underlying conditions. The state directive is similar to New York where Governor Cuomo led the way putting the infected into senior facilities killing upwards of 10,000 people. 

But today is a happy day.

One of the dozens of vehicles in the Trump Parade in Hoboken. This one was part of the “second wave.”

Hoboken Police Chief Ken Ferrante noted the HPD worked to coordinate and escort the waves of peaceful protesting Trump rally vehicles, about 90 in all.

Great job Chief Ferrante and HPD! I saw how well it was handled and they did a great job.

Up the Republic! 

Talking Ed Note: People are asking who was laughing at the end of the video clip? It was a black woman who was standing about 10 feet from me when the vehicles went by. She loved it! 

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