Read’em & Weep!

President Trump set to clobber globalist Chinese Communist backed Democrat candidate Joe Biden

Let’s cut to the chase and this one has been going on for over four years. No US president is going to be defeated while winning Florida and Ohio plus Arizona and at least one Rust Belt State.

In this case, despite the endless coup efforts, Deep State skullduggery operations, Fake News, endless fabrications and ludicrous Big Democrat Hate Machine media polls, President Trump will be elevated by the American people to a smashing victory, winning beyond the margin of voter fraud in the following key states:







In addition, President Trump is dogfighting in Wisconsin and trending his way while Nevada and New Mexico, where he should not be in the realm of victory is. 

Georgia and Texas were always a pipe dream for Joe Biden and of course both states will be added into President Trump’s big win column.

President Trump is primed even while fending off the pandemic effects of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Wuhan Virus in a mere three days and will see victory next week. It’ll be bigger than in 2016.

Among the shocking voter details to come: a huge increase for President Trump in the black vote and a larger share of Hispanics, especially in Florida. 

The Democrats know their huge Vote-by-Mail operation in Florida is almost entirely erased with Election Day approaching as hundreds of thousands of Republican in-person early voters stormed the polls. 

The smell of panic and paramilitary mobs is in the air and Antifa is promising direct action, re: violence.

As we enter the historic week, who has the coattails? 

 Do these look like the moves of a loser? Most assuredly, they are not. 

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