Tom Greaney makes it official – the run for the 2nd ward council seat is on

Tom Greaney for Council announces:

Tom Greaney is running for City Council in Hoboken’s Second Ward.

Greaney, a civic activist who has spoken out repeatedly on the need to cut taxes and improve the City’s infrastructure, has entered the race “because Hoboken is at a crossroads”, fiscally, socially, and politically.

“The next few years will be critical for Hoboken’s future and development,” he said.  “We need more citizen input to help solve the many pressing issues that our City faces.  The City Council should not be the sole jurisdiction of the same professional politicians who are responsible for creating the situation that we are in today.”

“Its time to put the priority on people, not political powerplays; and give good government, not greed, the seat of honor at the table,” Greaney added.

An advocate of open and accessible governing, Greaney stated that he wants one
public office, and one public office only.  “To be the Councilman from the Second Ward and serve all of the Second Ward residents effectively for the next four years.”

Pledging when elected to put an emphasis on constituent service, Greaney outlined a number of outreach efforts that he will implement to bring local government closer to the people.  They include scheduling quarterly Town Hall Meetings throughout the Second Ward, and holding regular monthly office hours to listen to the needs of residents, in addition to responding quickly to their concerns.

Running on a theme of experience, competence, and independence, Greaney promised to take his campaign to the people.  ” I welcome the input of everyone, and I urge all voters to join me in my effort to turn Hoboken around and keep our City moving forward,” concluded Greaney.

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