Hoboken411 caught in yet another flagrant lie on City towing bid


Hoboken411, the biggest Hoboken online fabricating uber Beth Mason promoting website is caught red handed fibbing again – this time on its claim Mile Square Towing was the lowest bidder for a City towing contract.

At the City Council meeting Wednesday night, an attorney for Mile Square Towing appeared questioning why the only two bids were being rejected as the likelihood of winning is certainly greater with a 50% chance than seeing it go out again to new potential bidders.

Among the litany of lies in this one paragraph is the claim Mile Square Towing is the lowest bid

The City explained that recent snowstorms meant the bid specifications were incomplete required updating and needed to be reissued.  Mile Square Towing understood the answer but apparently that wasn’t good enough for Hoboken411 also known in town as Mason411.

MSV obtained the detailed bidding information showing Mile Square Towing is in fact not the lowest bidder!  The document is public information and anyone can obtain it, including Hoboken411.  But that would mean real actual journalistic duty – something the anti-truth ubermensch Mason boys of hate at Hoboken411 don’t do.

The bidding evaluation by the City shows John’s Auto Body was the lowest bidder not MST

The city document above shows the weighted averages of both bidders with John’s Main Auto Body coming in at $26.25 and Mile Square Towing at $26.33.  On what basis Hoboken411 claims Mile Square Towing the low bidder is not clear; as usual the Mason boys provide no evidence to their numerous fabricated claims.  

So among the numerous lies at Hoboken411 after the last City Council meeting, the question is why it felt compelled to put this easily disproved lie out there?  While Beth Mason has no need for profits from any city contract, her allies in the Russo clan have no problem doing so, be it a $5 a tow here or there.  There’s been suggestions of support for Mile Square Towing for some time and the grapevine says it may be of la familia in origin.

Was Hoboken411 posturing the low bid lie to curry more favor with the Russos or is it just part of the normal pathology of lying there these days?  Some believe it’s a fall back plan for the future when Beth Mason is tabled from the City Council.  Her 2nd ward seat is up in May and 2nd ward candidate Tom Greaney is picking up steam among many of her once staunch supporters who don’t recognize who she is anymore. 

Talking Ed Note: Is the Hoboken411 minion planning to flip too?  He was seen hugging it out with Michelle Russo at a recent event and if Beth Mason is soon gone, does he jump the sinking Mazin ship and leap into the arms of the Russo clan?

Update:  Commenter mcgato raised a question on the formula.  The differential is in the storage fees.  Mile Square Towing is $35 per day and John’s Auto Body is $25 per day.  The other supporting pages are posted with that detail.  Darn if MSV doesn’t have the sharpest readers in town.

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