Titanic swan song: Nearer to hell in the Nazi Truck for Beth Mason and the MFers

The aftermath of this election with the demise of the Nazi Truck is a secret to some Hoboken residents, as commenter InfotainMe wittingly put it, the BoE (and Hoboken) election results remain unfulfilled in local reports.  It’s coming and they’ll be good efforts among them but will they ask Beth Mason about the BoE campaign and her fellow Move Forwarders?

After all, backing the Move Forwarders, the Nazi Truck production and its five trips into the Mile Square doesn’t come cheap and some reports said the Mason family invested $60,000 into the whole shebang.

Well Da Horsey isn’t completely alone as Grafix Avenger joined us yesterday afternoon announcing the results and yes they are real results; let no Nazi Truck denial be sold.

Nevertheless, it’s not too soon to shed a tear and give Beth Mason and her highly paid team of low rate political operatives a hanky for their fine rendition of Hoboken’s titanic Nazi Truck campaign: a political race that will long live in Hoboken infamy.

The Move Forward campaign did make history (and national news) with limp denials from co-campaign manager John Castellano who while denying responsibility embraced the Nazi Truck message; Joe Branco who said he knew nothing about any of it until everyone else knew but the five time Nazi Truck schedule of appearances he kept a bad secret and Beth Mason’s wunderkind FinBoy the maestro in the rank political smear flashing a Nazi swastika all over town.

Da Horsey would like to congratulate them and the Old Guard folks including the OG council who embraced the Nazi Truck right up to election day when it rolled into Hoboken broadcasting the Move Forward commercial.

You didn’t hear any words of protest from any of the MF candidates or its campaign did you?  Obviously they were hijacked with Beth Mason by space aliens.  Yes, she’s a victim, someone get her a county job.

Surreal and yes, truly awful.

MSV would retitle the Beth Mason effort “Nazi Truck – nearer to hell am I with thee.”  Congratulations Beth!


Talking Ed Note: MSV will have more on the BoE election, the never say die rent control wars and the 2013 mayor’s race.  Hoboken won’t be interested in a mayor’s race but there’s plenty of posturing begun. 

Some would be candidates maybe staying on the sidelines with lack of funding, others getting a checkbook out and yet others who think the “Third Way” is viable as they push forward naive innocents to join their cynical face time charity efforts to propel stalled re: dead political futures.

Tony Blair would blush at the craven empty vessels but it’s Hoboken.  When it comes to ego, wanton power lust and self-promotion, they just can’t Deleay.

Say goodbye to Beth Mason’s latest fail as the Nazi Truck made national news for Hoboken but not in a good way.

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