Kids First thanks Hoboken, Thursday victory party set

Dear Friends,

The results are finally in and it’s a sweep for Kids First! Thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of this grassroots campaign. Thank you for volunteering to hit the streets and get out the vote. Thank you for making a donation. Thank you for talking to your friends and neighbors and putting a sign in your window. Thanks to everyone for your continued commitment to improving Hoboken’s Public Schools!
Join the Kids First team at our victory party Thursday, Nov. 29th at the Wicked Wolf, 120 Sinatra Drive at 8:30 PM. Beforehand consider joining us at the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps fundraiser at Trinity, 306 Sinatra Drive at 7 PM.

Talking Ed Note: More than 24 hours after the main election results were announced on MSV and there’s an odd silence from the other media not even mentioning the certified numbers from the Hudson County Clerk’s Office.
Are the other medial awaiting instructions from the Old Guard as they prepare to make some hail mary attempt dragging Hoboken to court.  Again?  Perhaps someone should ask Beth Mason.
The media blackout on the Hoboken elections is beginning to look suspicious.

Update: The Hudson Reporter posted its story on the election results.  At least someone finally did.  Maybe everyone else is just seeing red and that’s not their favorite color.  How odd.

Tonight there’s a council meeting and much of it will deal with the Hurricane Sandy aftermath.

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