Tim Occhipinti attacks Mayor Zimmer on potholes

Occhipinti calls Mayor Zimmer “incompetent,” says he will get Washington St. repaved after he had voted it down

Proving election season is here and ambition springs eternal even in the dead of a cold January winter, Tim Occhipinti who holds the seat of fourth ward councilman submitted a letter to the Jersey Journal attacking Mayor Zimmer for not paving roads last year.

The letter makes a number of charges the mayor failed to spend 400K in available funds for repaving streets leading into Hurricane Sandy.  It begins with a very polished reference in the form of a historical reference to a former NYC mayor:

“New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia famously said, “There’s no Democratic or Republican way to fix a pothole.” However, I do believe there is a competent way to fix them. Unfortunately, here in Hoboken we are once again dealing with Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s incompetence.” 

Tim Occhipinti complains about potholes on Washington Street.  He voted down resurfacing the street just months ago.

Another interesting highlight is reference to Washington Street.  Occhipinti complains about not being able to walk on the street without hitting a pothole.  Of course he fails to note he voted down along with his MORTe allies a plan to approve repaving it with similar improvements on Observer and Sinatra Drive just last year.

The administration presented the comprehensive plan last summer and identified in advance partial funding for it from state and federal sources.  The plan had strong support across Hoboken but Tim Occhipinti along with Beth Mason, Michael Russo and Terry Castellano failed to provide one vote among them needed for passage.

At the council meeting on the comprehensive infrastructure proposal, a number of people in the public spoke on the idea.  Every single person was in favor but it made no difference to Tim Occhipinti.  The plan Occhipinti killed is available here:

That’s a strong tell this orchestrated political letter is really a trial balloon to create some discontent to get behind a Tim Occhipinti mayoral candidacy.  With no small irony, Occhipinti and his handlers are floating out that he would be competent and Mayor Zimmer is not while ignoring recent history all in one fell swoop.

Whoever wrote the letter, at least they have a sense of history and knew how to go for a hook in the opening.  If you think Tim Occhipinti wrote this, there’s a bridge in lower Manhattan available for purchase.

Read the complete letter at the Jersey Journal and feel free to share your thoughts there with the wannabe mayoral candidate.

Talking Ed Note: The Jersey Journal reported on the extensive repaving work on River St. last year.
Tim Occhipinti forgot about that too.

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