Sign of the Times: Timmy goes to school

In an unusual development, Timmy Occhipinti showed up for class at the Board of Education meeting last night.  Occhipinti has not shown much interest in the BoE having been one of the few darksiders among the Old Guard not to attend last February to fight against November elections where more people would decide at the polls.

Timmy time at the BoE?

That Valentine’s evening saw a small army of the Old Guard descend on the meeting with Michael Russo, Terry Castellano and Beth Mason all in tow. All came out in support of their people deciding and not more of those voters who don’t sell their ballot for $40 a pop.

Occhipinti is reported to have gone to Superintendent Mark Toback and thought looking for special treatment so he could speak off topic not on the agenda. Based on the outcome, it appears he was unsuccessful.

Was Timmy there to advocate for Councilman Michael Russo’s job plan to have two police stationed at every school in Hoboken?  Or was he there on a busing issue for the Connors school?

Hear that bell?  Time for remedial classes for Timmy.

More importantly does Timmy Occhipinti’s rare voyage to a BoE meeting mean he’s trying to obtain support for a hard to believe run for the mayor’s office?

Perhaps that’s all wrong and Timmy was there for remedial classes.  He sure could use it.

Thomas Connors graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger

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