Tim goes on the hunt again, goes for the wedge – attack Soares time!

Occhipinti for Council announces:

Dear Friends,

Throughout his campaign Michael Lenz has continuously attacked my friends and campaign supporters, including many non-political private citizens. He does this as a way to deflect attention away from the own gross manipulation of city government to give jobs to his friends and supporters.

Several months ago Michael Lenz cast the deciding vote, which gave former City Councilman Tony Soares, a Lenz campaign strategist and close friend, a second public job with free healthcare at the North Hudson Sewerage Authority. The move was even condemned by Mayor Dawn Zimmer.

Our neighborhoods are devastated whenever it rains. With the opportunity to vote for an expert who could provide innovative and dynamic ways to help solve the flooding problem, Michael Lenz voted to reward his friend and political ally, Tony Soares, with a Sewerage Authority post. There can be no better example of exactly what is wrong with our local government.

As Councilman, I will be an independent voice. I will vote for the best available, most qualified candidates for the position, never for my close friends. I will apply the highest standard of personal ethics to every vote I take, and I will concentrate on the needs of the 4th ward.

On November 2nd please vote 9D for Tim Occhipinti. Thank you for your time.


Talking Ed Note: Councilwoman Beth Mason announced last night she’s up for re-election next May. How does that relate here. Well, this announcement is from her email distribution list and it even comes in the Beth style. (We left out the personal Tim signature, we don’t want anyone playing with that.)

Tim’s handlers have decided it’s time to go on the attack again on the Tony Soares front. Whatever you think of someone holding two unpaid board positions, he’s a competent person and he does a good job for Hoboken.

Although it’s not our preference for any Hoboken resident to sit on two major unpaid board positions as a matter of policy, this is water under the bridge now.  (NHSA falls under Hudson County and has a stipend of $5,000 per year and a complete benefits package, Soares elects only partial coverage.)  Occhipinti gets in one more lie saying the mayor condemned “the move” and that’s untrue.  She did not do so in interviews with MSV or Hoboken Patch.  She expressed her wish for board positions to be one appointment per person while saying she respected the council’s decision – as the choice is made by the City Council.

There’s much larger concerns at this point. MSV thinks it’s absolutely fabulous to see Tim saying here he’s going to take the highest standard of ethics on the City Council.

MSV finds it humorous that the Occhipinti handlers whine incessantly when their operative work is uncovered over and over again. They are not concerned about the individuals so much as the methods being revealed.

MSV finds it laughable to hear this refrain considering Occhipinti’s lying with the devil at Hoboken411, where personal attacks by its little angry minion are a specialty.

MSV promises the light is going to be further illuminated yet still. More to come.

Update: A commenter notes:

TRANSLATION : “pay no attention to Maurice Fitzgibbons’ $35,000 “Public Relations”/ Patronage Contract handed to him at the North Hudson Sewer Authority to deal with digital media and web. 

The more you know…

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