Guest of the Stable: Justin L. DePascale

I am writing this letter to lend support to my friend Tim Occhipinti for the upcoming election on November 2, 2010, in the 4th ward.  

Tim represents so many thousands of Hoboken residents that look for honest government, respect for tradition, and a government that works on behalf of its people.  I found it remarkable that Hoboken unfortunately had to pay a 6 million dollar tax increase to Hudson County, an increase that Occhipinti would have fought against.  I found it amazing to learn that Michael Lenz was hired by Hudson County, given a raise, a credit for health insurance, and also holds an important position in terms of Hudson County politics.  Like Occhipinti I started to think about how this would affect the city of Hoboken.  I then also learned that neither Michael Lenz, who claims to have great concern for the city’s finances, nor Mayor Zimmer did anything to try to appeal the largest tax increase of any city in Hudson County, in the history of county government. To date, there has been no appeal and no lawsuit against the county for this incredible increase (as Bayonne and Secaucus have done in ht past).  How are we not to believe that the involvement of Michael Lenz in the Hudson County political machine is somehow preventing this appeal?

I know that Tim and I share a lot of the same desires for our city, a city where we should not be beholden to such unfair circumstances.  And if such circumstances occur, I expect my government to fight for my city, not to be complacent.  I also know that Tim has full support of our Police Department, and will stand by us even after election season if over. If you support a government that is honest and a police department that does what’s right for our city, please support Tim Occhipinti on November 2, 2010.

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