Things are tough all over…

With the bad news on the job front, unemployment in double digits and NJ faring no better than many parts of the country, the impact is really being felt.  Hoboken too is feeling the squeeze and it’s not only in the private sector with municipal and police layoffs recently approved by the State this past week.

Let’s try to bear in mind that even in tough times, Hoboken is still one community. Voices rise in bitterness seeking to enflame divisions, using the economic times for political advantage. Those voices can be expected to grow louder as yet another election kicks into full gear this fall for the 4th ward City Council seat.

We don’t have to indulge them.

It’s been a tough week.  Everyone can use a good laugh.  So here’s a clip on Al Gore, he of the palatial homes – he’s building some monstrosity out on California’s “endangered” Pacific coast now.  He has still another in Tennessee using ten times the revered “carbon foot print” he talks about as all his neighbors.

It’s okay cuz you know, he’s right thinking.  And he has deep feelings about global warming, re: climate change (doesn’t it always), and intimate meaningful massages.

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