Getting out of dodge but where do I put the car?

So you are heading down with friends to the Jersey Shore or flying out to another locale and need to find a spot to leave your car to avoid street cleaning?  The City has come up with a plan to save you time and trouble and perhaps some money too.

While off at your vacation spot: Residents who are planning time away from Hoboken and usually park on-street can avoid street cleaning tickets or the hassle of asking friends/family members to move their cars by keeping their car in the city’s Garage B on Hudson Street (6th Floor) up to 14 days per year.

The fee is $5/day, with a maximum of 14 days per calendar year. Simply come in to the Hoboken Parking Utility office a minimum of one week in advance of your planned departure and provide the same documentation as required for a Resident parking permit. You will receive a “Visitor parking permit” that indicates validity in “Garage B, 6th Floor” only and the dates the permit is valid. Show this permit to the attendant when departing and he will charge you the discounted rate.

This is definitely a cheaper alternative to even long term parking at the airport!

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