There goes the free parking

The City of Hoboken announces:


In October 2009, Mayor Zimmer directed Transportation and Parking Director Ian Sacs to conduct an audit of all active Municipal Parking Garage transponders.

After completing the audit in January 2010, Director Sacs identified about 160 active devices that were not associated with a City vehicle and had them disabled. The arrests announced today are a result of the Mayor’s efforts to restore integrity in government and the cooperation between the City’s directors and the Hoboken Police.

Related: The Jersey Journal reported just earlier on an arrest of a city employee at the Municipal Garage.  Expect this story to get legs if well, reporters decide to actually report.

Talking Ed Note: As a matter of policy MSV avoids commenting on press releases from the city.  (It’s been our preference to allow the public to digest it first.)  In this instance we’re making an exception as this development is truly an outstanding effort to lock down an obvious loophole of systematic abuse.  

Now MSV does have a question about the 160 active devices.  Who had them, who failed to report them missing or take any action?  The cost to the city must be in four or five figures and this is a substantial amount of fraud.  An analysis may even hit six figures when it’s all done!  

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