Dust up on Church Square Park

Church Square Park is one of the most popular destinations in town and some recent proposed changes by a local Hoboken group, Project Play, introduced their plan detailing efforts for upgrading some of the children’s area.

Of the reported 35 residents who attended, there was a clash of ideas on the agenda of what should be upgraded and how.  Three residents aligned against a group of mostly parents and it got heated to the point where the meeting was almost shut down.

Andrew Tavani of provides the blow by blow, well not quite but it’s well told.

For some history and background, here’s a classic piece from a 2007 City Council meeting.  Councilman Mike Russo provides the entertainment interrupting the speaker, what was once a typical pastime here in Hoboken at City Council meetings.

Maybe this park needs a new name.  How about Mikie Squared?

Video courtesy of the Wiley Coyote, Eric Kurta.

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