Then Demon Puss Came for You!

the Constitution may cower in fear of the ever approaching creep of Deem and Pass….

But are you ready to face the sheer terror inducing might of


Now coming to a City Hall near you.  An engorged tick like parasite with unquenchable ambition for the mayor’s seat and the blood sucking opportunities that go with it.    

You thought you were safe.  No one is safe.  Not the mayor, not the City Council members and most importantly, not you!

No matter how many times you count the election results, she’ll just keep coming!
(And so will her job seeking hate411 minions.)

Disclaimer: This movie ad is not paid for by the Beth Mason Endless Campaign for Life Committee, the Beth Mason Government-in-Exile Committee or any of its known subsidiaries including Hoboken411, the I’m Votin for Bet Mason Church Towers Committee, the Little Napoleon Club or deceased former prime ministers of Great Britain.
Demon Puss entity courtesy of the Grafix Avenger

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