Republic! Republic!

In the course of human events, there’s a time to take measure and this is one of those times. The United States of America is at a crossroads and the nanny state advocates and those crying for it in any shape or form are now placed to impose on the nation a two-thousand page plus monstrosity to take over healthcare no one has read or understands. Consequences of this action are now for the moment still rumor as the regulations in those pages are so burdensome some suggest the medical field will be decimated by departures, insurance companies will be forced to take on charity cases – re: existing preconditions leading to their demise and the ultimate control of yet another industry by the federal government.  Those who believe the bill of goods will lead to better care for less remain among the minority of the fanciful.

Is this any way to run a Republic?  Certainly not one resembling anything in US history.  The Congressional Budget Office is extending vague assurances part of the healthcare takeover will not lead to higher deficits when extracting a medicaid portion.  No one with any interest in reality believes any of it.  Nor should they.

American opposition to the healthcare “reform” a monstrosity of a bill that refuses to die and probably never seen in the country’s history is universally opposed by clear majorities no matter who does the poll count but since the first version was put forward at ramming speed last summer, the resistance has grown stronger. And louder.  Today with Congressional approval ratings at all time historical lows, and Nancy Pelosi’s own numbers deep in the tank, the “process” takes yet another final turn led by a group of ideologues determined to subdue the will of the people.  Prepared to apply a seldom used minor legislative procedure called deem and pass coupled with the equally onerous wreckage-cilliation, the push by hook or crook with a wink and a nod is what the elites deem to pass on to the back of the proletariat.  That such remote procedural tools have never been used for anything resembling this size and scope matters not.  At least according to these self-envisioned DC Olympus gods.

Whether it can muster the necessary votes on Sunday to squeak through is unclear.  Regardless of the outcome, a last minute rally of resistance is assembling at noon in Washington today.  The last grassroots rally in September generated well over a million people by objective counts.  People paid their way across the country on their own time and were ignored by most of the nation’s elites and the media as if they didn’t matter.  They were ignored and ridiculed the entire way since the start of Tea Party protests and called every name in the book for daring to take part in public petitions to the government, most for the first time in their lives.  Little old ladies lambasted for daring to stand and speak out on the road to ruin they felt was clearly putting the nation in peril began to look at each other and see strength in their numbers all while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi dismissed them as “astroturf” and labelled them Nazis.

At the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787, when queried as he left Independence Hall on the final day of deliberation, Benjamin Franklin was asked, “Well doctor what have we got a monarchy or a Republic?  The response: “A Republic if you can keep it.”

Tomorrow America finds out.

Talking Ed Note: No matter the outcome tomorrow, a new battle will emerge for the Republic.  The fight will commence on two fronts – first on the national stage and simultaneously for the soul of the Democrat Party.  Democrats led by the Scoop Jackson wing will wage a battle to take back the party from George Soros and his numerous well funded tentacles.  Just you watch.

Update: 5:40 – With a vote anticipated tomorrow Horse Sense is going to again put its uncanny record of success on the line once more. Having most recently predicted Scott Brown the winner for Ted “The Swimmer” Kennedy’s Senate seat and stated Chris Christie would be the next Governor of New Jersey, MSV goes out on a limb with this one and is stating if there is a vote Sunday, Obamacare will fail, falling short in the neighborhood of six to eight votes.

Horse Sense earlier called the Hoboken election in order from top to bottom only inverting the second and third place candidates.  Horse Sense is a combination of analysis, ear to ground and intuition – not necessarily in that order.  Don’t wager, but if you must, please don’t bet against Da Horsey.

Demon pass re: deem & pass – not to be confused with Demon Puss (below) has been yanked off the table.


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