The Summer Grist: How much for that city employee to campaign for me?

The summer grist is chewy and the nights are easy in the Mile Square City. It’s July but there’s no break in the action. Even a blast of summer heat over the weekend doesn’t slow Hoboken politics.

In the fifth ward, council candidate Phil Cohen will face opposition but in the meantime, he’s fighting on Twitter for a dead relic – protected bike lanes on Washington St. Councilwoman Tiffanie replied to him on her Twitter thread she won’t be wasting over $10 million of work on Hoboken’s main street to revisit protected bike lanes which don’t meet minimum federal guidelines.

There’s not enough width available for protected bike lanes unless you empty out the entirety of Washington Street of cars, knock down the buildings and rebuild the main drag wider. Businesses have paid dearly for the delays in the reconstruction project.

Is Mayor Ravi Bhalla planning a stealth Washington St. reconstruction plan that would do further harm to Hoboken’s beleaguered business community and disruption on the Mile Square Main Street?

Last week, the City Council held a special meeting to complete outstanding business. One of the items was an ethics reform ordinance co-sponsored by council members Mike DeFusco and Tiffanie Fisher. The proposal seeks to formalize the common-sense notion City employees should not be using taxpayers resources such as computers and equipment for political work during the day on taxpayer time.

The common-sense reform is venomously opposed by Ravi Bhalla’s mayor’s office. Numerous political operations directed at City Council members and reported exclusively here point to Bhalla’s staff acting as nasty political operatives even launching filthy race-baiting attacks at the council during its meetings.

They won’t have Big Brother standing over them, only the moral authority of the people so they don’t conduct political operations with Hoboken taxpayer money which they apparently indulge online during the day. Et tu Vijay Chaudhuri, John Allen and Jason Freeman?

Who can explain to Ravi Bhalla’s staff what public service means?

Vijay Chaudhuri (l) with Councilwoman Emily Jabbour, John Allen, and Jason Freeman.
Forging ahead with political activities out of City Hall on the taxpayer dime?

Both Jim Doyle and Emily Jabbour are the lone opponents for the common-sense good government reform in a 7-2 council landslide vote. In addition, there’s a mayor’s office employee running for political office in the first ward. That’s not lost on Mike DeFusco who gains on every front with the reform effort.

Over the weekend, more chatter about the popular e-Scooter program. Changes to the pilot approved in April have seen driver license identification added to registration and abuses have declined in recent weeks. The addition of tags stating children are not allowed to use the motorized devices help but out of towners visiting are less prone to follow the rules and not ride on the sidewalk.

The City Council is pushing for further modifications on safety, education, and revenues for the City. The Bhalla Administration greeted the request icily and says that’s underway. Most of their public effort, however, has been in pushing for a non-binding November referendum for political purposes. They desperately need low information voters to support a council ticket this November where almost to a person none have contributed on any Hoboken government issue in their lives. Short of another unclaimed Ravi Terror Flyer, they don’t see how to get those low information voters to the polls for their candidates. The City Council crushed the non-binding referendum request not once but twice.

City Council President Jen Giattino launches
her re-election bid tonight at Moran’s.

City Council President Jen Giattino will formally launch her re-election bid tonight. Her whirlwind efforts in the past saw her eliminate an incumbent and then the notorious Carmelo Garcia in 2015. The linchpin of reform and good government with a sterling record on and off the council is the beacon of the Reform Movement with Councilman Peter Cunningham departing.

Did Giattio pick up petitions for the first, fourth and fifth wards? A year ago, the ever-transitioning challenged Lindalou Numberscruncher and Bhalla’s paid political operative online told everyone Giattino with Cunningham and Fisher took orders from Mike DeFusco and Ruben Ramos on the council. That Big Lie failure morphed to predictions by Bhalla campaign and paid political operatives a ticket of the five would form for November. Caught once again in lies, they continue to repeat them over and over. It’s the usual shamelessness Hoboken thought died with Hoboken411.

They’re pouring on the bile to cover up being caught dead to rights and show no sign of decency. Being publicly wrong never stops some from further lying to the public. Sad!

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