Jen Giattino Kickoff at Moran’s – wall to wall support!

Last night torrential thunderstorms turned Hoboken streets into gushers of water but the kickoff for Councilwoman Jen Giattino surprisingly flooded with supporters.

Hosted at Moran’s, the popular Irish pub opened its doors on a day typically closed to a torrential flood of support for the popular two-term councilwoman.

Dozens came out in monsoon-like conditions, packing Moran’s wall to wall giving a kickstart to the sixth ward council race for Councilwoman Giattino, the popular City Council President

The wall-to-wall scene at Moran’s last night for Councilwoman Jen Giattino’s re-election kickoff last night.
Wild Horses couldn’t keep them away and neither could flash flooding thunderstorms. 

Giattino will put her record of success on and off the City Council up for a vote in November.

Uptown a “coincidental” event as Mayor Ravi Bhalla held a meeting on negotiations with Ironstate Development, re the Barrys who are seeking the Municipal Garage site in exchange for developing on the shaky pier of the proposed Monarch towers. The preliminary settlement details are limited with no transparency in the basics like valuations for the properties.

It’s another reason why Giattino’s experience is so crucial on behalf of Hoboken. The City Council will need to muster everything in its arsenal to sort through a potential deal that could severely alter the landscape of downtown Hoboken.

They will likely face the inevitable stonewalling and political posturing for an immediate vote in the dead of summer next month as Ravi Bhalla will try to slam through approval with election season underway. Six of the nine City Council seats are up for election this November.

This decade, Hoboken has seen some high-stress situations such as the failing local hospital which was facing sabotage and ruin from the Beth Mason – Michael Russo hydra in 2011 to the massive Bijou development which will change the transportation landscape in West Hoboken and beyond.

Through it all, Jen Giattino has been an important and often critical vote for common sense. She was instrumental in leading an update of Hoboken pay-to-play laws even as they were surmounted by massive special interest money from outside the town in the controversial 2017 mayoral election.

Fast forward two years and Jen Giattino has led a successful City Council as President getting through much good for Hoboken while keeping a check on Ravi Bhalla’s excesses, thirst for higher taxes and his shady second job hounding for municipal contracts with a Republican law firm.

Last night, Hoboken showed come rain or shine, they’ll stand with Jen Giattino. Now the battle royale for the soul of Hoboken and its future begins.

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