Of vampires, ambition and government dollars

The official pleasantries leading in, during and after the dueling fundraisers earlier this week are part of the Mile Square’s reflexive political lexicon prior to November’s crucial mayoral and at-large council race.

Putting aide the official pleasantries, nothing is the same.

The crowd at the scene of the downtown fundraiser for Councilman Mike DeFusco at the Caddilac Cantina. 

As one decades long political operative remarked about Hudson County, there are the ins and the outs. The tagline reform is adopted by the outs until they are the ins and then they go feed at the trough. That’s the tradition for HudCo and the political organisms who swim in its swamp.

Before there was a Reform “Party” in Hoboken that was the eternal tradition, to the winners go the spoils. Prior to 2009, the tradition traded among political friends and enemies, moving up the ladder as high as possible and reaping the bonanza of municipal benefits: jobs, contracts, insider real estate deals, etc.

The Tammany Hall model combined with the Mile Square “On the Waterfront” stylings to bestow upon the kings and queens sitting atop as much could be safely acquired without law enforcement interference. In Hoboken, that meant rigging vote machines in the back of a bar prior to wheeling them out on Election Day if you had the juice to pull it off and then counting the votes to your victory at day’s end.

At the federal level a similar and far larger party is taking place with a more sophisticated model presented for domestic consumption as rooted globalist interests sucking at the taxpayer teat. Change is avoided as the vampires are clenched at the neck of the victim feeding off the lifeblood of American citizens (not to mention sovereignty). Que Progressive!

There are trillions of dollars at stake. Each “industry” holds to its business model ensuring the swath of insiders feeding weekly, monthly and yearly continues unabated. The Uniparty of Republicans and Democrats slice up the dividends, shifting the percentages doled out every two to four years as directed by overlords, national and global. Everyone takes their allotted cut in Defense, Education, Trade, etc. but unlike the municipal millions, there’s trillions of dollars the spoils.

No one moves the victim while the bloodsucking goes on least the poor suckee awakens. Altering any aspect of the system proposing innovation, efficiency or dare say actual reform is the last thing the entrenched interests, national and globalist ever want to hear. You can tell the vampires are disrupted with the entrance of sunlight by the amount of hysteria, wailing and gnashing of teeth and the usual tirade of overused smears.

This week in Hoboken, there was a microcosm of that age old feasting with the “ins” holding a rather low key if not somber gathering uptown and the outs filling a backroom restaurant to capacity downtown. The ins don’t rely on the plasma of municipal largesse. None are reliant on government funding for their livelihood.

The gathering of Old Guard honchos and retreads from the past at the Caddilac Cantina was a joyous spectacle. It’s been almost eight long years since the boy king corruptocrat, convicted felon and short-lived mayor Peter Cammarano took the reins. Then he crashed and burned and the “illegitimate” reign of Mayor Dawn Zimmer began. The Old Guard freeze out may finally be ending or so it’s hoped with a new favorite son anointed to take the reins and retake City Hall and the mayor’s chair. They are all quick to point out Mayor Zimmer has not broken 50% in her mayoral races which happens to be correct.

The downtown fundraiser had all the pomp and circumstance of a citywide campaign launch but the final note was missing. Or is it the requisite dollars to officially get underway?

So the posturing will continue in the final weeks of winter as back room fundraising seeks out an unknown figure to underwrite a citywide mayoral campaign. Those efforts and any resulting candidacy will become more clear in the coming weeks.

Councilman Ravi Bhalla is interviewed by John Heinis of the
Hudson County View at Maxwells earlier this week for his uptown fundraiser.

Talking Ed Note: Some of this week’s political speak spoke to an underlying war. Councilman Mike DeFusco offered praise to the mayor for checking off her agenda items and pointedly noted she needed to be cognizant of his unstated first ward agenda before he would consider offering any endorsement for her third term run. Who’s to say if he’ll ever feel satisfied, ambition being what it is.

The first ward councilman who ran under the mayor’s banner in November 2015 has held office for just over a year. The mayor has held a council coalition that has been stretched, rankled and twisted but never broken. Squabbles have been kept under wraps mostly due to the council members themselves refraining from allowing progress to be usurped by personal ambition. Legitimate concerns have often been put aside for the sake of unity as they’ve worked quietly to rectify potential maelstroms and matters overlooked or taken for granted. It’s a coalition that’s held together through thick and thin since 2009

For Hoboken and Hudson County, that’s not a lifetime. It’s several political lifetimes.
And it’s all about to change. The outs are about ready to make a move. Good luck kid.

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Hey, a little posturing never hurt nobody. MSV has already called that “race” and is moving on to the next one.

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