Here comes Mister Carmelo now

After the crushing defeat in the City Council ward elections in November 2015, one Mister Carmelo went to ground. 
No one had any report of his whereabouts or sightings for months. It was not unlike the end of an era in the Middle Ages when the Black Plague was eradicated from Europe.

One thing almost everyone can agree, Mister Carmelo did not purchase a $300 ticket to Councilman Mike DeFusco’s event last week. When master of ceremonies Councilman Ruben Ramos announced the list of local political celebrities who were in attendance however, he mentioned Mister Carmelo’s name.

Of all the names mentioned and among them Mayor Zimmer, which one do you think generated the most applause?

The alleged gatecrasher by some made a big splash hugging it out with more than a few, this Horse being an exception. 

“Your lucky you’re not in jail”

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Unrelated: MSV is hearing chatter on a non-Hoboken corruption front. To little fanfare, a human trafficking and child sex ring was broken up on the West Coast last week with 474 arrests. Similar chatter is predicting an East Coast version being uncovered leading to high profile arrests with DC and NY ground zero.

It’s thought the 650,000 emails snatched by the FBI from the home of Anthony Weiner not long before the November election may be the impetus and as part of that investigation the New York Police Department were first to score the bounty of evidence uncovering an unseemly volume of non-political related criminal behavior.

This isn’t directly connected to Hoboken but suppression of real news with Fake News is a common plight in these sad times. Political names with major business figures are believed part of this scourge under investigation with high level names anticipated in arrests. Among the political initials rumored: CES, BF, MB, TK, DF, JM, LG and NP.
MSV has been seeking out sources on this rumored story for several months but thought you should know.  

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