That’s a wrap: Hoboken BoE winners unofficially declared!

While the Hudson County Board of Elections is tabulating the final provisional ballots into the election totals; there’s only 86 ballots to be reviewed and tallied so the results are unofficially certain. Next week, likely Wednesday, the official certification of the election will be final.

The three elected Hoboken BoE trustees will be Peter Biancamano, Monica Stromwall and Sharyn Angley.

Sharyn Angley wins one of the three seats for Hoboken BoE trustee.

The ladies from the slate Parents for Progess posted the following message from their Facebook:

Thank you to every single person that believed in us, we are humbled by your outpouring of support and confidence. This has been an amazing experience and we all have learned so much and made such wonderful friends. Thank you to our families, friends and supporters that have dedicated their time and effort to help us achieve our goals–you all are so special! 

Most of all we would like to thank our constituents that took the time out of their busy lives to vote and show their support. We wish the other candidates the best of luck in their endeavors, running for school board is not an easy task and takes time, dedication and commitment. We look forward to the future and we are eager to continue the progress. Thank you again for allowing us to serve the students of Hoboken Public Schools.

Educationally Yours,

Parents For Progress

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