Beth Mason’s possum killing dog adventure and squirrel autopsy request

If you didn’t hear the latest wacky doings from the Wednesday night City Council meeting you could be forgiven for missing the tragic concern from the sitting Second ward councilwoman of a rodent meeting its demise at Chez Mason.

The hilarity didn’t end there.

Is this possum sleeping off a bender celebrating after attacking “big dogs” in uptown Hoboken?
Beth Mason says it’s an ongoing threat. True story, this is not parody or satire. 

According to Councilwoman Beth Mason dogs, even “big ones” are facing killer possum attacks in uptown Hoboken. She’s concerned about this and segues into another issue about a squirrel meeting its demise in her yard.

Mason continues to inquire why no one has gotten back to her on the reasons for the death of the rodent. She wants answers.

Key moments from late in the meeting. Beth Mason informs the council killer possums are going after her dog at Elysian Park.

There’s also a rash of “monster raccoons.” Beth Mason says, “It’s becoming a real issue.”
But it’s not over… there’s this exchange about a dead squirrel.

Beth Mason: related to that same issue… the.. I asked for a report back on that. I would very much like to know because of issues related to rabies… I have never gotten one.

Council President Jen Giattino: I asked (animal control) about rabies. In the last six months there has been no reports about rabies in Hudson County.

Beth Mason: I have some concerns because I had a dead animal in my yard… I asked for someone to get back to me on the reason for that, animal’s demise, and I have yet to hear back on that.

Jen Giattino: Do you know anyone, when an animal dies is there an autopsy done on it?

Peter Cunningham: (suppresing laughter)

Jen Giattino: What’s the procedure?

Councilman Bhalla: Crime scene?

This tragi-comedy continues as Mason later seeks “a rationale” why “that has taken place.” She finally concludes:

Beth Mason: In our neighborhood everything from the ground hogs to the raccoons to the possums that are out. I had two possums out in the daytime. That’s NOT good.

Beth Mason’s world is turned upside down due to her suffering
from a rash of killer possum attacks and the demise of a
rodent in her backyard.

Talking Ed Note: Hoboken, please be on the lookout for monster possum big dog killers.
Beth Mason is on the job though, so there’s that.

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