Thanksgiving Grist: Ravi eyes Hoboken as weed epicenter and deal for Sires’ seat

Special Thanksgiving Grist for the Mill Feature

With the Thanksgiving holiday encroaching on busy schedules, last night was selected as Hoboken’s first meeting on marijuana catching many residents off guard.

More shocking to Hoboken residents, they learned Mayor Ravi Bhalla already has a plan for weed sales mapped out in multiple locations across the Mile Square City.


Got the munchies, how about some Ravi Bhalla cheatos?

Councilwoman Jen Giattino released the detailed plan from the Bhalla Administration showing its selection of multiple areas for weed sales in Hoboken.

How’d that happen?

The State of New Jersey has been weighing legalization through most of 2018 but it’s not passed as some anticipated. Many communities pulverized with the flood of opioids have dug in to fight over introducing a “gateway drug” as they describe marijuana.

The other impediment to state legalization (in conflict with federal law) is coming to an agreement on money. There’s lots of money involved with many hands and those of politicians are most certainly included.

Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher asked in a pubic release to second ward and Hoboken residents, “Why does Hoboken have to be first?”

Ask Ravi.

What do you think happens to Hoboken when the State of New York has no similar marijuana allowance on the books and the State of New Jersey does?

On another front, Councilman Jim Doyle’s resolution opposing a power plant in North Bergen was yanked from the council agenda last month by Ravi Bhalla. A gala ball for Nick Sacco was scheduled and Bhalla attended making any such resolution more than a little awkward. So he pulled it.

Where’s your resolution Jim?

Now comes word, Ravi Bhalla may have also cut himself his biggest backroom deal of all time with the North Bergen Hudco boss. Out goes the Doyle resolution and a fundraiser for Ravi Bhalla is announced by the Sacco-North Bergen powers that be.

Does a deal to publicize a Ravi Bhalla fundraiser also come with a US Congressional seat?

If you want some holiday giggles, there’s the latest political operation out of the mayor’s office announced at Sybil’s Cave about legal opinions offered to members of the City Council. You’re supposed to believe that political operation has nothing to do with the mayor’s office being announced on its paid political operative website.

They have some kid in Hoboken signing his name to an ethics complaint being farmed out to Trenton. They’re calling a legal opinion counter to the Corporation Counsel an ethical quagmire. Alrighty then, you got the scoop on this Beth Mason Ravi Bhalla political operation a week ago.

Ravi Bhalla is using a Trojan Horse resident to attack good government council members about ethics.

As if.

Finally, more fun and games where Sybil’s Cave is crying over a public photograph taken of the Ravimobile. They think that the mayor’s office “emergency” review of City Hall video across the street shows Councilman Mike DeFusco taking photos of the Ravimobile outside City Hall.

If he did, so what?

Apparently, no one in the batshit crazy cave ever heard of the First Amendment. The Ravimobile doesn’t have a right to privacy parked outside City Hall. For the record, neither does anyone.

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