Councilwoman Jen Giattino: ‘Ravi Bhalla wants approval for multiple marijuana businesses by year’s end’

Official release:

Dear friends and neighbors,
These are not my opinions but my take away from last night’s meeting.
Social injustice issues:
  • keep the price of licenses low to allow a level playing field in acquiring them. Not just wealthy individuals and companies should be able to obtain a license.
  • a portion of tax revenues from the  sale of marijuana should go towards drug rehabilitation.
  • expunge all distribution and possession charges for marijuana.
Benefits of medicinal/recreational marijuana for Hoboken:
  • no answers (other than easier accesss for individuals). 
If Hoboken allows the sale of marijuana where should it be zoned:
  • a few residents expressed where it should not be but no conversation on where it should be.
I did have to leave the meeting early (my husband’s birthday) but I was hoping that the discussion would include:
  • what’s right for Hoboken and if marijuana sales are right for Hoboken, what the proper zoning would be. 
  • what are the costs to Hoboken (policing and enforcement). Will we need to add more officers.
  • what the right pricing structure of a license is.                                                                                                                                                                                    
The meeting was packed with media and members of the industry. There were Hoboken residents but the room was mostly industry folks.

Hoboken, I want to hear from you. The administration wants an ordinance on the books by the end of the year according to the Deputy Chief of Staff because of the number of applicants already interested in being licensed in Hoboken. There should be no rush. This is too important. The state hasn’t acted yet, why should we take the lead on something when we have not thoroughly looked at the impact?

I plan on having a meeting for residents to better understand what you want in early December. 

Stay tuned on location and date.
Watch the meeting – click here

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