Telephone election poll for November election – in February?


Last night readers gave a heads up about an odd telephone poll striking town for the November elections.  Then on a call to former at-large councilman Tony Soares his other phone rang.  It was the same November election poll firm!

So Da Horsey stayed quiet and listened in as Soares gave answers to the following questions.  First some introductory questions including political party affiliation.

The first core question asked for a view about  Governor Chris Christie?  Choices included disapprove, highly disapprove, approve, highly approve.
The next question asked the same about Mayor Zimmer. 
This followed with a statewide question on the governor match up between Gov. Chris Christie vs. Barbara Buono.  The pollster asked which candidate is supported or likely your choice.   
Then came a question evaluating the mayor’s strength in a real candidate matchup: Assemblyman Ruben Ramos vs. Mayor Dawn Zimmer.  Similar choices between the two of likely or definite.
The last political question measured the value of Governor Christie making a local endorsement.  Would a governor endorsement have an impact on you for choice of mayor?
The poll ended asking age and ethnic identification.  
In a quick telephone interview following the poll, Soares said, “It was very entertaining especially when there was nothing
good on television.  It’s a big waste of money though, someone with a lot of money.  I think whoever is
polling it this early; it’s someone who’s crazy with a lot of money: person or group.”
Mason political operative Barry Brendel (l) is reported to have conducted a telephone poll recently for the Jersey City race
on behalf of incumbent Mayor Healy.  Is he involved in the one in Hoboken for the Old Guard and Beth Mason?  In February!?
Talking Ed Note: This poll seeks to measures the current impact of Governor Chris Christie in Hoboken’s mayoral race.  Clearly the Old Guard is concerned the mayor may in fact get an endorsement from the popular governor.  Polls recently pegged Gov. Christie’s popularity at an astounding 74%.
If this is a Beth Mason commissioned poll, will it be more impacted by the success of a popular mayor and governor or a third ward councilman caught on FBI surveillance tape trading on his office who screams about Republicans here, there and under the bed?
How will State Senator Brian Stack take all this if in fact it enters at all into his selection for his Assembly slate?  That’s one job opportunity Beth Mason needn’t worry about any more.  
Is all the political noise in recent days an indicator Beth Mason is thinking about going after the only political job left she can attempt to buy? 

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