SmartyJones celebrates 12th birthday today back home in Pennsylvania

Today is SmartyJones’ birthday.  People are extending happy wishes to SmartyJones who is considered by many the best horse of his generation.

Da Horsey will pass on the birthday sentiments.  One of SmartyJones favorite pastimes is mares.
The other is trampling the corruption of the Old Guard.

Well wishes to Da Horsey are being passed on to America’s most beloved horsey.

FEBRUARY 28, 2011

SmartyJones, America’s most beloved horse is back home in Pennsylvania celebrating his birthday today.  Although a conspiracy cheated him from a Triple Crown victory, he’s one of the greatest horses of his generation.

He’ll spend the day enjoying his favorite meal and spending time with a mare or two.

SmartyJones in action
A year ago, SmartyJones moved from Kentucky back to Pennsylvania

SmartyJones enjoys a laugh with friends
Getting it done!

Up close and personal with SmartyJones

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