SW Park under judge’s bid review

Lots of questions erupted when Perry “the bloviator” Belfiore took to the microphone to crow about the City’s legal defeat in the eminent domain case to purchase a surface parking lot for building a Southwest Park.

The Old Guard stalwart created some confusion at the meeting and also here on MSV where comments were raised about the matter.  As it turns out, the judge is analyzing the apparent disparity of a several year old assessment of the property versus the analysis of the City’s current assessment.

Although the City has shown interest in using eminent domain powers to obtain the property, it has not deposited funds and committed to do so as part of a legal strategy apparently based on some comments late in the evening with BA Quentin Wiest.

The judge is deposing the City’s assessor to better understand the difference in valuations and will then make a determination.

The idea the City of Hoboken has lost the case and owes 300K in legal fees is in fact a canard.

Councilman Dave Mello would note later the judge is looking at the disparity in the appraisals.

Talking Ed Note: There was more legal back and forth revealing frustration by the Old Guard Council which is clearly looking to cause more trouble for the City on any number of fronts.  One derailed was an attempt to have legal matters decided by the executive branch (mayor) reviewed and approved in advance by the council (legislative) which votes on the legal contracts.

Tim Occhipinti began the theoretical and Michael Russo tried to jam his foot in and pry the door open but Corporation Counsel Melissa Longo deftly explained the fine line of differentiation between the two.

The cracks however in the power struggle the Old Guard council lives for were all too apparent last night.  And ugly.

More on that later.

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