Phil Cohen gets the “led” out on MORTe obstruction

Phil Cohen a Hoboken resident, zoning board member and a reform activist has appeared before the City Council on several occasions but last night he sprayed more “led” than Jimmy Page at a Led Zepplin concert in his heyday.

This is not your low key lawyerly Phil.  This was guns blazing, blistering logic and scorched MORTe in his wake.

It was stupendous.

And it made MORTe hopping mad because well, the truth really hurts.  Phil Cohen decimated the Old Guard council laying waste to their obstructionist tactics in their avoidance behavior using legal stalling tactics to avoid voting as a full council on the Jim Doyle appointment.

It was the hit of the night.  MSV missed his live remarks but followed former Councilman Michael Lenz providing additional background on the first appointment vote in October when a reliable source contacted this website and said they saw Beth Mason driving around town with her younger daughter two hours before a council meeting she would later not appear with no excuse given to any of her colleagues or the Council President.

Mr. Cohen hit the mark and set off a combustion of commotion and defensive obstruction from the Russo clan.

It was a lovely sight to behold.  Respeck.

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