Super Thursday alert for Hudco, harvest the vote!

In what some campaign corners are calling “Super Thursday,” today is a decisive moment in the 2020 election cycle and a narrowing of candidacies as voters go to the polls.

New Jersey is not among those states including Texas, California, Virginia, etc. but Hoboken people should remember they are residents of Hudson County and not only at tax time.

Hudson County is where people go to die but vote eternal. In this spirit, while voter fraud has been devastated in the Mile Square City, (you’re welcome) its soul lives here in the land of HudCo and by extension holds fellowship with the Democrat National Committee (DNC).

Yesterday the DNC unrolled its newest program for voters, “Not so publicly left,” a plan to consolidate support behind its youngest white senior male presidential candidate who is deemed if not coherent and electable, moderate. Well, if you overlook the creepiness, corruption and mounting senility.

Where’s Hunter? 

Their target is a crotchety older opponent who let a little too much air out ahead of the United Soviet Socialist States schedule. Stick to the 2024 plan like Mayor Pete, will ya? Quite the conflict of Fidelista indoctrination five years plans, I mean literacy program.

Look west, the DNC says to HudCo and Hobokenites alike. Bring us your weary, your registered and unregistered voters, legal or illegal, what difference does it make as their former or is it upcoming standard bearer said?

This is the season of ballot harvesting in the land of sunny California and anywhere else DNC rule changes and billionaire plutocrat friends in high places buy their way in. Turn out our vote!

It’s lunchtime on the East Coast, only about 10 hours left to vote. Be a good weeble, follow orders and get those harvested ballots in. Do it for Sore us, who looks down with mercy on all us sore losers.


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