Summer of indictments and escape from Hoboken

Even as the “Summer of Indictments” is arriving, Hoboken never wearies of drama, controversy and non-stop politicking.

Our colleague at the Hudson County View highlights the coming campaign to influence Hoboken voters on their decision revisiting runoff elections this November and how “rumors persist” Mayor Ravi Bhalla “has inquired about the possibility of joining” State Senator Brian Stack in the NJ legislature.

Reference is made to the NJ Assembly seat under Stack currently held by Hoboken’s Annette Chaparro. She’s publicly voiced interest in continuing for a two-year term beyond her existing one but the mayor’s political aide made a point of saying nothing had been discussed with her.

Historically, HudCo municipal mayors choose who they would like to run for their respective NJ Assembly seats.

What if Ravi Bhalla chooses himself as many close political observers believe he’s maintaining a top tier list of me, myself and I.

To offset the “persistent rumors” over months first published on MSV, some will point at the difference in salaries for Hoboken mayor and Assembly. However, most members of the NJ Assembly hold outside full-time employment.

Doesn’t Ravi Bhalla already hold a second job with a prominent politically connected NJ land use law firm?

Imagine how much Bhalla could earn as a member of the NJ Assembly while generating unlimited fat commissions with that employment contract and/or another politically connected law firm.

On Wednesday, the Hoboken City Council will look to finalize an ordinance mandating Ravi Bhalla turn over details of his 2018 earnings from his second job and list the clients involved. Currently, it’s Bhalla’s political contributor leading the Corporation Counsel’s office who is “overseeing” the matter for potential conflicts. It’s more like Silence of the Expanding Ravi Bollards than transparency.

It’s an Rx for more conflicts than the numerous ones seen in the recently released DOJ IG Report.

A storm is seen in the distance with the “Summer of Indictments,” after the release of
the first IG Report last week. A second IG Report on FISA abuse is pending.

Talking Ed Note: For those interested in corruption, massive conflicts of interests and the operation how to make America a police state, the recently released DOJ IG Report from Michael Horowitz is mandatory reading. (The authors/investigators in the body of the report are select and distinct from the summary/conclusion. Expect more revelations on that front too.)

A quick search for the DOJ IG Report is found here:

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