BREAKING: Councilwoman Emily Jabbour expected 5th vote blocking Eduardo Gonzalez’s return to HHA


Fifth vote preventing Carmelo Garcia supporter Eduardo Gonzalez from returning to Hoboken Housing Authority Board found in Emily Jabbour

Hoboken good government council trio of Peter Cunningham, Jen Giattino and Tiffanie Fisher joined by Councilman Jim Doyle with fifth swing vote from Emily Jabbour expected to be decisive
Nancy Pincus of Sybil’s Cave busted in another fabrication in latest attempt to denigrate good government trio in fanatical attack

A former Hoboken Housing Authority board member, Eduardo Gonzalez, who backed Carmelo Garcia in his controversial tenure as Executive Director of the HHA is expected to be rejected tomorrow in seeking another five-year term at the agency.

The fifth and decisive vote is anticipated from Councilwoman Emily Jabbour. The Hoboken City Council consists of nine members.

Gonzalez who also has been a failed candidate for the City Council, most recently in 2015 against Councilman Peter Cunningham in the fifth ward was a consistent rubber-stamp vote for Carmelo Garcia who led a controversial reign over the HHA and left it in financial tatters.

Earlier this year, Garcia cashed a settlement for $700,000 after filing several civil lawsuits against the HHA, City of Hoboken, Mayor Dawn Zimmer, her husband Stan Grossbard, the HHA board and several of its members going back to 2013. The civil lawsuit alleging discrimination and “ethnic cleansing” was thrown out the first time, mostly on a second attempt and then refiled a third time before the payout was agreed.

Gonzalez publicly praised Garcia in a letter while an HHA commissioner calling the agency’s financial standing solid. After Garcia saw his contract terminated in 2013, information withheld from the board showed its financial situation dire.

The Hoboken Housing Authority has been the scene of controversial efforts targeting its vulnerable population for vote harvesting over years and been the focus of federal law enforcement investigation in the last decade.

The vote harvest has often centered on the alleged purchase of HHA resident votes using Vote by Mail.

Council Vice President Jen Giattino along with Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher are sponsoring Aaron Lewitt for an HHA commissioner seat. (CL2)

Council President Ruben Ramos and Councilwoman Vanessa Falco are sponsoring Eduardo Gonzalez to another open HHA commissioner seat. (CL3)

Both sponsored candidates are found readily available on the City of Hoboken council documents page.

Nancy Pincus, busted again in latest false attacks on the good government council
trio of Peter Cunningham, Jen Giattino and Tiffanie Fisher.
She claimed yesterday they were voting for Eduardo Gonzalez to return
for another term on the HHA.
Where is her apology to the Hoboken public and her latest victims?

Talking Ed Note: Councilwoman Emily Jabbour was contacted by email earlier this morning for comment on this story. An update will be published with any response.

As common last year during and after the thorny Hoboken mayoral election, Nancy Pincus is busted in her latest fabrication against the good government trio on the council. 

She’s “updated” her earlier story without providing any correction on her false allegations admitting Eduardo Gonzalez does not have the votes. Pincus falsely alleged Gonzalez would get approving votes from the good government council trio of Cunningham, Giattino and Fisher.

Where is the evidence for her allegations?

Pincus is now claiming her “sources” told her “Jen Giattino requested the agenda item” for Gonzalez. But Council Vice President Jen Giattino is sponsoring a different HHA commissioner candidate: Aaron Lewitt. Her administrative function working with council colleagues is not indicative of her vote. Why would Councilwoman Giattino ever consider voting for Eduardo Gonzalez as she is well aware of his track record on the HHA and reliable alliance with Carmelo Garcia? (Gonzalez was also on a council ticket with Carmelo Garcia who ran an ugly campaign against Jen Giattino for the sixth ward council seat in 2015.)

Of public interest, who fed Nancy Pincus this bizarre, twisted lie which she published without confirming with her victims and targets of her latest foaming attack? The “administrative” misinformation had to come out of Ravi Bhalla’s mayoral office.

Did Nancy Pincus speak to Jen Giattino? Did she speak to Tiffanie Fisher? Did she speak to Peter Cunningham before she made her latest false allegation misinforming the public they were all voting for Eduardo Gonzalez? Of course not. No one in their right mind will speak to Nancy Pincus as she is busted yet again in her latest political operative lies and known not to be trusted.

Who told her Eduardo Gonzalez had the votes of Giattino, Fisher and Cunningham? Her “sources” are the political aides out of Ravi Bhalla’s mayor’s office; no confirmation on actual facts is required.

Where is Nancy Pincus’ public apology to the Hoboken public and her latest victims?

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