Statement of Ravi Bhalla on Attack Flyer

Official release: 

 Last night a flyer with the word “terrorist” above a picture of me appeared on car windshields in Hoboken.

 Of course, this is troubling, but I want to be clear: We won’t let hate win in Hoboken. I want people to know that Hoboken is a welcoming community where my wife and I are proud to raise our two young children. No matter your religion, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, you are welcome here in our City. And as Mayor, I will work hard to make sure we keep it that way.

 I want to use this incident as an opportunity to affirm to each other and our children the value of living in a diverse community where we are judged by the content of our character– not by the color of our skin or how we worship. At this time in our nation’s history when we have a President who seeks to divide us, it is critical that we come together as a community and stand up for American values.”

Councilman Bhalla is a candidate for mayor of Hoboken.

Talking Ed Note: MSV is not dignifying this by publishing a photo of the scattered flyer. It’s an earlier DeFusco campaign mailer that has been taken and changed adding the word terrorist atop. The DeFusco campaign asserts no involvement. Absolutely anyone could be responsible and that means individual not a campaign. That individual(s) involved is in fact not worthy of seeing their racist garbage elevated. MSV previously deleted and blocked one racist commenter. It won’t be tolerated against Ravi Bhalla or anyone.

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