Breaking: Video Truck appears in Hoboken


A video truck showing the Anthony “Stick” Romano commercial seen earlier on MSV is patrolling the streets of Hoboken. A large multi-panel truck was spotted with the clear depiction of the commercial running heading south on Hudson Street.

According to reliable sources, the Romano commercial is direct retaliation against the Bhalla campaign. In the past week, a commercial by a union backed PAC, Stronger Together urges voters to support Ravi Bhalla with ads running on Fox News and other cable stations. The PAC commercials show money flowing around a photo of Romano.

It’s unknown as of 8:00 pm if the video truck is continuing a mission or recently completed one. The rear panel of the truck clearly showed this excerpt during the video:

The full video is seen in the original MSV story:
Can a PAC Man mayoral candidate outrun a Romano video truck?
Let’s find out this weekend. Run Ravi, run!
Talking Ed Note: Any attempts to quell the retaliation after the flood of PAC cable TV ads is clearly not working. The Bhalla campaign infers it has no connection to the massive expenditures now officially over $50,000 by the PAC aligned with the massive redevelopment proposed by NJ Transit in downtown Hoboken.
Das Campaign Video Truck in downtown Hoboken last night.
Note the visible panels running the commercial.
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