State of NJ to MORTe (again): Go back and fix it

The latest saga of MORTe sabotage is being resisted by the State of NJ.  According to a letter discussed on Hoboken Now:

The state Director of Local Government Service Thomas Neff urged Hoboken to call for a special meeting in a letter to the city council.

The council minority, re: MORTe – Beth Mason, Tim Occhipinti, Michael Russo and Terry Castellano have resisted efforts to shift available funds, about 2% of the City’s annual budget in an effort to force Mayor Dawn Zimmer into a corner.

To this point, like earlier on the hospital they’ve been successful. Their strenuous arguments on needing more information are countered by the Finance Director Nick Trasente who describes the budget line item shift as “routine.”

Logic has no effect on MORTe and the members of the public short of showing up in numbers to shame them has no impact either.

On the hospital, the institution had to be pushed to the brink in obtaining a waiver on its parking agreement so it could stay open with a packed City Council chamber on a Sunday evening.

That’s how MORTe rolls.

This is how the public rolled that Sunday.  MORTe could care less.  Here’s one of Hoboken’s greatest hits, smacking MORTe upside the head.

But as Hoboken resident Andrew Cartright said, they “just don’t get it.”

Talking Ed Note: There’s word in cyberspace from Beth Mason’s friend who is not paid for friendship that this can all be fixed if the City will merely agree to hire 10 firefighters allowing MORTe to feather their nest showing City workers they can grow their voting base.

Grafix Avenger raised the issue of such cyberspace extortion earlier:

Correction: The story MSV linked to on Hoboken Now is not a second letter from the State of NJ as believed but based on the first letter published here earlier. MSV could not find the letter and now understands the story is somewhat dated in that regard.

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