MSV passes 1,000,000 hits

MSV was looking at some internal data and just discovered it passed 1,000,000 hits!  That’s a million votes of approval from satisfied customers.

This is an unexpected milestone in the two plus years MSV has been in existence.

We’ve done it with no advertising budget, no staff and no one but readers who are looking to find a deeper understanding on the important issues facing the mile square town we love and call home.

While we consider this website reform minded advancing good governance, this milestone would not be possible without reaching an audience much beyond the activist base in town.

MSV is currently discussing advertising with some folks.  If you wish to sponsor or advertise on MSV, this is probably the best time.  There’s a little story we’ve been closely covering and it’s blowing up.


These are verifiable pageviews not what Hoboken411 has been caught doing buying traffic.

Unrelated: Grafix Avenger just posted a new feature: “How to Make Mike Russo Flee from the Dais.”
It’s essential reading:

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