State debunks Mason: Nothing wrong with 99 year continuation lease for hospital garage

Breaking: According to a story appearing in the Jersey Journal, the State of NJ via its Department of Community Affairs (DCA) corrected the false reports there is anything illegal in Hoboken’s continuation of a 99 year lease under the new owners of the hospital, Holdco.  The original contract for the 99 years was set up in 2007.

Earlier in a release, Councilwoman Beth Mason who has been working to have the misinformation highlighted on the leasing of hospital space referenced the incorrect Stat-Ledger story Friday and also referenced the local Hoboken website where she runs her political operations: Hoboken411.

With the vote tomorrow anticipated to pass with at least five votes, the last challenge to sinking the sale of Hoboken University Medical Center is expected to be crossed.

Here’s the segment from the Jersey Journal debunking Beth Mason:

On Saturday, The Jersey Journal and The Star-Ledger reported that state law caps parking lease agreements at 50 years. But today, state Department of Community Affairs spokeswoman Lisa Ryan said the state has no oversight over such matters.

Talking Ed Note:  Beth Mason’s hysteria may rise with her falsely claiming the hospital sale relieving Hoboken taxpayers from a $52 million bond guarantee and saving the 150 year old institution is “fleecing” the taxpayer, but it won’t wash.

Mason’s investment in sinking the hospital sale is now hours away from being wasted.
She’s invested quite a bit in seeing that come to pass. In the end, it’s a massive fail.

Mason is left with the only carnage she could muster and that will come in the needless layoffs of City workers.  In that unholy exercise, she shares culpability with the puppet vote of Tim Occhipinti and the Russo clan.

City Hall and Hoboken burning down graphic courtesy of the Jolly Green Giant.

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