Michael Russo bares his politrickin motive on critical bond vote

Here’s Councilman Mike Russo last week providing clues on his motivation for sabotaging Hoboken on the critical refinance bond for the midtown garage attached to the hospital. Council President Ravi Bhalla notes the choice of saving Hoboken $50,000 annually versus wreaking havoc on Hoboken creating an instant million dollar deficit in Hoboken’s budget that will lead to destructive outcomes: tax increases or layoffs or both.

Like the other members of MORTe, Mike Russo never makes an argument against the refinancing. But look how happy MORTe is when they get the opportunity to sabotage Hoboken and ruin lives.

Like the hospital bond vote at the meeting last month, they were so eager to cause destruction, they leapt at the opportunity in the hope to somehow derail and damage the mayor. This is what blind hatred against good government has driven these people to and it should not be forgotten. The people losing their jobs certainly won’t.

We’re sure the FBI must be taking note and wish them godspeed in their work.

 And the actual vote with a shrieking incoherent Beth Mason also ignoring the issue at hand – the refinance of the bond.  You can barely hear the audience groaning in disbelief:

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