State asks “best practices” for municipal aid

The State of New Jersey created a best practices checklist for municipalities to fill out and submit as part of annual requests for aid.  The new program scores an 88 point system with a deadline of October 1st.

The checklist covers numerous areas such as administration, personnel, financial management, budget preparation and presentation, public safety, public works, health, energy, and municipal school relations.

Among some of the many interesting questions it asks for:

 Dual efforts with the local Board of Education to save money by sharing services/equipment and doing joint budget presentations.

Absences policy for elected officials and Board Members.

Does your municipality limit health benefits to full-time (35 or more hours weekly), excluding from coverage all part-time employees, elected or appointed officials?

Here is how the state determines the amount of aid given:

State of NJ introduces a scoring system for local aid

This is the first year for such a program and it pays out pretty liberally but you can be sure the State will be tightening up the standards where more than 5% of state aid is at risk.

In the meantime the questionnaire raises many interesting questions.  MSV understands the entire City Council all part time employees are eligible for 100% fully paid benefits for their part time service.  Almost all City Council members hold full time jobs with other health insurance options available to them and their family.  Of course it’s doubtful they are paid for 100% by any taxpayer let alone the Hoboken taxpayer.

Why don’t we fix that outrageous cost to the taxpayer?  As Councilman Lenz said at a recent City Council meeting “we have real, real problems.  Everybody is going to have to hurt some.  We all need to share the sacrifice.”

MSV agrees with the Councilman wholeheartedly.
End health care benefits for all part time employees and government officials.  

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