Mike Lenz poses challenge for clean election

Press release from the Mike Lenz campaign:

And Challenges Opponents to Join Him in a Pledge to Run a Race That
Follows The Law, Respects The Voters, And Won’t Litter Our Neighborhoods With Trash.
Today ends a shameful chapter in Hoboken history with former Mayor Peter Cammarano III entering jail on charges of taking $25,000 in cash bribes in exchange for promises of Zoning variances during the 2009 Mayoral election. 
Although the cash bribes were the most obvious violation of the law by the Cammarano campaign, there were many illegal and unethical activities, from paying for absentee votes, failing to file campaign spending reports, intimidating voters at the polls, distributing unsigned flyers and other dirty tricks.  They even covered our beautiful town in campaign signs on public property and private property without the owner’s permission.
Residents of the 4th Ward deserve better.  We deserve a race run on the issues based on respect for the voters and the law.  To help make that happen, 4th Ward Councilman Mike Lenz is calling on his opponents, Tim Occhipinti and James Sanford, to join him in signing a clean campaign pledge which, if followed, would end the ‘tradition’ of dirty 4th ward elections.  Together we can make this year’s election a model for the city to follow.

NOTE: The Mike Lenz Campaign will have the pledge signed and posted on the website ( by the end of the day on September 20, 2010.

4th Ward Clean Campaign Pledge
In order to run an election that respects the voter and follows the law, I, ______________, pledge to run a Clean Campaign.  Specifically I pledge to:
1.   Promote transparency by making all required Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) submissions, making every effort to meet established deadlines and promptly posting all ELEC submissions on our own website.
2.       Stand behind my message by requiring “Paid For” information to appear on all flyers, videos, and phone messages, including telephone polls and surveys.  Voters deserve to know who is behind all claims or charges.   
3.       Respect others’ property and avoid litter by refusing to post campaign signs, banners, stickers or anything else on public or private property including utility poles, street signs, trees, fences, or parked cars without permission from the owner of the property.  Leaving flyers or materials at or under doors is free speech and allowed.
4.       Maintain accountability by requiring that each member of my team personally meet the same ELEC disclosure standard including submitting all missing ELEC filings from previous elections.  If ‘midnight fliers’, anonymous ‘push polls’, mailings from secret PAC’s or other unsigned materials are put out on my behalf, I will disown the material in public and on camera, and will disassociate my campaign from the distributor of such material if their identity becomes known.
5.       Pay my bills.  If a local business remains unpaid 90 days after the election, make the difference up from my own pocket.
6.       Refuse to pay “Street Money”.  I pledge to make NO cash payments to workers on Election Day for any reason.  All payments to Election Day Workers by my Campaign will be by check and will be fully recorded on ELEC reports.
7.       Avoid voter intimidation by properly training and supervising workers and/or volunteers, by ensuring they strictly obey the rule prohibiting electioneering within 100’ of the entrance to a polling place, and by limiting their number to no more than five (5) within 200’ of any polling location at any one time on Election Day.
8.       Given Hoboken’s history of absentee ballot abuse by those employing paid workers, eliminate the appearance and possibility of buying absentee votes by refusing to hire any able-bodied Election Day workers who are voting absentee, PERIOD.
In addition, we will also post this clean campaign pledge on our own websites once it is signed and dated by the Candidate, Campaign Manager and Campaign Treasurer.
___________________________________                   _________________                                 
                                Candidate                                                            Date                     
___________________________________                   _________________
                                Campaign Manger                                              Date
___________________________________                   _________________
                                Campaign Treasurer                                           Date

Talking Ed Note:  All press releases from Fourth Ward Candidates will be posted without comment and in their entirety unedited.

MSV invites Mike Lenz, Timothy Occhipinti and James Sanford to submit all official campaign communications to for publication.

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