The Starting Lineup – Confirmed

Other than actually running for office in Hoboken, the second toughest gig in town might be coming in as a Director these days.  At the City Council meeting last Wednesday night, the finality of confirmation went through smoothly although many in the audience were awaiting a blip.  Thankfully, it never came.  But let’s salute the new Directors first.  They’ve been subjected to a trial by fire more difficult than candidates on Survivor.  They all deserve a ton of credit for their efforts to this point.

From where this horse is sitting, there’s satisfaction in seeing the professional quotient elevated to benefit all Hoboken.

Photo: from left: City Clerk Jimmy Farina, Director Leo Pellegrini, Health and Human Services, Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Director Brandy Forbes, Community Development and Director Ian Sacs, Parking.

Photo Courtesy: Jerry Lore

Related:  Claire Moses of scribed the main events of the meeting Wednesday night.  Da Horsey will be revisiting this weekend to capture the heat.  Yes, there was some.

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