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Councilman Ravi Bhalla announced this Friday afternoon:

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Star Ledger Editorial Endorses Mayor Zimmer’s Demand for Release of Hoboken Police Audit

        At this week’s City Council meeting, members of the public demanded that the State of New Jersey meet its longstanding obligation to release the audit it conducted of the Hoboken Police Department.  This document was prepared and provided to Mayor Zimmer in draft form, and she was advised that it would be released shortly after cosmetic changes to the document were completed.  Months passed and the audit still has not been released.  At the most recent January 30th City Council budget hearing, State Fiscal Monitor Judy Tripodi advised the City Council that the audit would be released “soon” but failed to provide a firm date and also claimed that she has no control over its release.  This delay is unjustified and entirely unacceptable.
        Earlier this morning, the New Jersey Star Ledger released an editorial stating that Governor Chris Christie should demand that the Hoboken police audit be released immediately.  Significantly, the Star Ledger noted that taxpayers in Hoboken have a right to review the audit before labor contracts are signed, so citizens know both where the waste is, and how it will be cut.  The editorial also draws a direct connection between this issue the Mayor and City Council’s ability to deliver on its promises, stating “The new mayor and council of Hoboken have pledged they’re ready to change the city’s culture of waste, abuse and excess.  This report is a necessary tool.”
       City Council members have not been provided a copy of the police audit.  Yet, the Council as a whole may soon be requested to vote to ratify labor union contracts related to the police department.  Any decision on these contracts appears premature and improper pending the release of the audit.   Accordingly, I join in the call of the Mayor, many of my council colleagues, and now the Star Ledger editorial board, in demanding that this audit be released to the public without further delay.  I also commend Mayor Zimmer for her bold leadership on behalf of the residents of our city.


Ravinder S. Bhalla


Ravi Bhalla for Hoboken City Council
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The link to the editorial can be found here.  Mile Square View again emailed both state officials in yesterday’s story with the link to the Star Ledger editorial.  Again, we have asked for the release of the report and when Hoboken can expect it.

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