Special meeting of the City Council: Washington Street Redesign front and center

The meeting is scheduled for 7:30. No action will be taken tonight but the meeting is a predecessor to an important up or down vote next Wednesday.

The public will get to air their feelings on all aspects of the plan. The Chamber of Commerce is reportedly upset with members and local merchants on Washington Street up in arms over both the plan and a late scheduled meeting last Friday at City Hall.

The mayor reportedly arrived late and left after only a short time; some say five minutes. Expect lots of fireworks tonight.

Meeting video is in two parts:

part 2:

Talking Ed Note: Advocates on both sides spoke strongly for their position but in the end, it was the opponents of a narrowed Washington Street with bike lanes who made the stronger and more concerning remarks. One local businessman collected 500 signatures oppossing the existing plan.

Watch any random segment of the public and you’ll get the flavor. Lots of new faces.

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