NY Times hypes the Rebuild by Design “wall”

The waters bubbled over at the NY Times taking a shot at Rebuild by Design’s anti-flood options following another TV personality’s cracks about Mayor Zimmer’s “corruption” in covering the issue across the Hudson.

Highlighting Hoboken’s NBC talking head Natalie Morales, the NY Times highlighted Natalie Morales’ wild shots regarding one proposal with a small wall on upper Gardent Street:

Ms. Zimmer seemed mystified by Ms. Morales’s statements, saying she had met her only once before the newscaster showed up at a meeting about the Rebuild by Design process and challenged the engineers. “Did any of you guys walk the streets before you did the plans?” Ms. Morales asked them.
The mayor shrugged off the personal attacks, but she and other residents said they were troubled by the idea that Hoboken should pass up the $230 million.
Sitting in his home-furnishings store that was flooded by Hurricane Sandy, Brian Battaglia shook his head at the thought. “To walk away from doing anything in Hoboken that stops the water from coming in seems unbelievable,” he said, recalling how the rising water burst through the back door and shoved everything to the front wall.
Natalie Morales, a Hoboken resident on upper Garden Street is prominently featured in a NY Times feature story on Hoboken’s Rebuild by Design plans. Morales didn’t say a peep after her wild allegations about Mayor Zimmer’s corruption and alliance with big developers in the Mile Square. 
Talking Ed Note: The NY Times didn’t detail much on Concept A or the four other plans for Rebuild by Design choosing to first highlight the resistance to only one of the five plans.
Natalie Morales’ wild allegations were not met with any comment by her for the Times or by NBC’s Today Show.
Bobble heads should stick to their TV written script. Safer that way. 
Tonight the Washington St. redesign plan will hear from the Hoboken public in a special City Council meeting scheduled for 7:30. The vote yay or nay on the City Hall redesign is next Wednesday night.

Natalie Morales photo courtesy the Hudson County View

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