Special Meeting – City Council tonight @ 7:00

Sinatra Park is front and center in tonight’s special City Council meeting.  The town is looking to set up the ability to bond for up to $12 million dollars.  In an interview with the mayor last month at City Hall, MSV asked about the process for seeking grants specific to this area.

The mayor indicated there was a process required to obtain the grants.  Hoboken must pursue and attain them before attempting to start any work or the eligibility for the grant application would be nullified.  This means Sinatra field will be unavailable this summer no matter what decisions are made in the near term.

*   *   *

Ethics in Hoboken is all the rage.  Let’s see how that sorts itself as well.  We have a miraculous bar now on the mere appearance of impropriety.  Obtaining answers to a couple of questions by elected officials is still a more difficult standard for some. MSV intends to challenge the status quo there.  And speaking of appearances an unlucky leprechaun made an appearance last night at the BoE meeting.  We’ve been hearing lots about that.  And we’ve been looking to get some answers.  More on that to come.  Of this you can be sure.

The resolution pack on tonight’s special meeting is available here.

You are free to watch the meeting and participate in uncensored chat here as well.

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