BoE tonight and yet more vileness from Hoboken411

It’s a long agenda and there’s some interesting features.  Take a look at the list of added substitute teachers.  You can see Perry Belfiore is on the list.  Now if he’s added into the pool does this mean that he’s somehow connected to a political slate and part of some illegal and illicit criminal activity?  Well no, but listen to the typical usual embittered voices and substitute teaching is part of a city wide conspiracy to loot, pillage and plunder.  Who knew?

Perry Klaussen is back to listening to those voices in his head and rumor has it they ordered him to launch yet another slimey attack the other day, this time on former councilman Tony Soares for having his name in the substitute teacher pool.

$80 a day is obviously a grand conspiracy for a substitute teacher right?  It’s part of a big shakedown by a Board of Education faction.  Okay, with the way some people are morphing into Hobo411’s vile like behavior you have to ask who is actually influencing who these days.

(There’s that special session of the City Council tomorrow.  Will Councilman Russo find time to read the police audit yet or will his brothers on the police force have to read it to him at night before he goes to sleep?)

Hey Perry, get Councilwoman Beth Mason to write a resolution and she can send it to everyone by midday tomorrow and then declare it “old business.”  What’s holding up this judge, jury and execution of her colleagues anyway?

How low will these people go?  Well apparently one advertiser at Hoboken411 has had about enough and is getting ready to pull the plug. Perhaps they are not even impressed with the threats to destroy them by someone who runs around sliming everything and everyone who gets in the way of their master plan.  Damn those elections, damn them to hell.

So how does this substitute process work?  The BoE keeps over a hundred names in the pool of substitute teachers.  When a sub is needed, the principal goes to the list and calls a name.

The BoE has nothing to do with who gets called.

As usual, scratch at the scab of Hoboken411 and the pus of lies oozes out eventually with the truth seeing the light of day.  Nothing new there.

Okay, the BoE agenda is available here.

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