Southwest Park dream lives with 7-1 vote on introduction

Fourth ward residents seeking a park of their own in the Southwest came one step closer to seeing it become reality after a big step forward in the City Council’s approval on first reading.  Mayor Dawn Zimmer delivered her prepared remarks (above) leading into the introduction of the ordinance on the Southwest Park.  She urged the City Council to support the measure giving the City the tool of eminent domain in obtaining just about an acre of Block 12.  The mayor emphasized this was not the version as in the unpopular “Kelo” Supreme Court case – handing over private property from one owner to another.

This is a signature issue for the mayor, her reason for entering the political arena as a fourth ward candidate.

The vote on introduction was a landslide: 7-1 in favor.  Councilwoman Terry Castellano was not present and only her cousin Councilman Michael Russo voted no.  Three council members voted “Yes on introduction” – Beth Mason, Jen Giattino and Tim Occhipinti.  This is council speak for “I’m not backing this proposal yet but it’s going to be evaluated.”

Which means the public will have no better opportunity to affect its pressure on the final vote.

In two weeks, Hoboken will face a huge opportunity to change the dynamics of park usage in the City and especially the southwest in the fourth ward.

Talking Ed Note: MSV will be back with more on this important landmark shift for Hoboken.
Yes that is Da Horsey in the City’s cameraman’s range trying not to hover too long but taking in the sights and sounds while the mayor spoke.  This was a big issue and the mayor was a surprise guest as she normally does not address the City Council.  When she does, it is of major importance such as during the sale of the Hoboken University Medical Center.

This was a big night for Hoboken.

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