Years of effort, hopes and dreams all come down to the Southwest Park ordinance tonight.  Of ultimate interest is how one Tim Occhipinti votes on introduction of the one and only viable option for a Southwest Park.  Let there be no doubts about it, people can talk about this or that and what their druthers is for a Southwest Park but there is no better option than the plan on the table for Block 12 tonight.

The City has made A GOOD FAITH FAIR OFFER for land and others believe they can hold out for prices that crashed long ago back in 2008.  In the end, any appraisal will be made on 2012 prices and any application of eminent domain to convert the land into a park will be impartially determined by a CURRENT APPRAISAL.

If only the City Council can produce five votes for the ordinance.  The last time this resolution was presented on directing the $3,000,000 in county funds for a Southwest Park, Tim Occhipinti was the fifth and final vote.

Will he follow through or support the Tattoli business development sitting on the edge of the potential park.  That development sees a business advantage in potentially using the parking lot across the street.

As Hoboken readers here well know, there’s not much Tim Occhipinti won’t do for developers.  His record of consistency supporting them is uncanny and singularly supportive.  What contrivance will Occhipinti have up his sleeve to satisfy his developer friends and what does he have in mind to cover up his tracks?  Likely Tim Occhipinti will present at some point an alternate point of view to redesignate the county funds from Block 12 to somewhere else.  

Do not be fooled by such a ruse.  This is exactly the bait and switch Hoboken saw on the hospital.  Saving the hospital and the City from bankruptcy became secondary to the fantasies of MORTe who wished for this, wished for that and also wished for the Easter Bunny to show up the next day with a magical bid from the clouds over Hoboken.

One thing we can say about the area of Block 12, there can’t be two dual uses, private and public for the same land.

At 7:00 tune in as the vote is going to come up early!

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