The Soprano State – ‘NJ needs to say enough is enough’

Anomaly – any occurrence or object that is strange, unusual, or unique. It can also mean a discrepancy or deviation from anestablished ruletrend, or pattern.
In the following contexts, “anomaly” may refer to:




With yesterday’s big election story on what we’ll call going forward “The Anomaly,” as Occhipinti spokesman David Cruz called the uncanny support of dozens upon dozens of election ‘workers’ all voting via vote by mail for his candidate, it’s time to look deeper.

As the movie The Soprano State says, it changes when NJ (and Hoboken) residents say “enough is enough.”

Although Peter Cammarano is gone, his friends and their election practices most certainly are not forgotten.  All his old friends have thought the old formula would just go by and no one would really notice.  Word spread quickly here with readers coming in from coast to coast, from Orlando to San Diego.

* Notice you don’t see the fourth district of the fourth ward qualifying as an ‘anomaly.’
This story is now ready to take the next phase.  Have no doubt, it will.

Related: Timothy Carroll formerly of the Hudson Reporter now with PolitickerNJ has followed up on the story broken wide open here on MSV.  His latest story, “Inside Hoboken’s absentee boom,” is a marvel with obfuscation galore from Occhipinti spokesman David Cruz.

The Soprano State, part 1 is now playing here in Hoboken at the Clearview Cinema.
Word on the street is part 3 will start shooting in Hoboken soon.

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