Sign of the Times: ROH wine tasting bash at Amanda's Restaurant

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The Republicans of Hoboken hosted a wine tasting event at Amanda’s Restaurant Tuesday night and both the wine and the bipartisan group packed the rear room for a very well attended and enjoyable event.
The wines selected for the evening were a fine mix of white and reds to go with the good spirits, and company. Each bottle was numbered and everyone was given ample opportunity to sample and rate according to their personal taste.
At the end of the evening the revelations of professional scoring were revealed. The list assembled turned out to be a mixture all rated with a 90 score and prices from $15 to $45.
Diana Davis hosted the affair with a wide group of Hobokenites from all political circles in attendance.
Photo top: Diana Davis (r) with Mayor Dawn Zimmer and presumptive 2nd ward candidate Tom Greaney.
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