Smokey says, don’t throw butts

Hoboken’s newest full time website, posted an update on the fire on Super Bowl Sunday and its origin on lower Park.  Looks like a simple butt of a cigarette tossed between the buildings was the ignition.  Hard to believe but that’s what the story is showing.

Smokey the Bear was not happy about this and said dun do dat.

Commenter khoboken thinks Hoboken411 has stepped in it yet again and this time may be facing a legal action.  Now there’s a story we’d like to be first on.  We’re eagerly awaiting more on the latest Hoboken411 follies.  Earlier someone reported on Hoboken411’s illegal use of Accuweather weather graphic data and the copyright violation on the Hoboken forum and sent us a copy which were exactly alike.  But that’s old hat over there.  Hoboken411 is still using the hospital photo from the Hoboken Journal last we heard.  And get this, he’s now doing gadget reviews, most recently a walking meter.  But walking to the hospital and taking his own photo is simply beyond him.

Folks you just can’t make this stuff up.  MSV would say a reader “Louise F” emailed us a diatribe saying Hoboken411 is “lazy and offensive” but that would be just too easy.  In this case, the truth is actually far more entertaining.

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